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creative lab

"I love to see you teach and not worry on the how to about building your membership site."

- Danica Louwe, Founder of Creative Lab.

Who we are

We're Cebuano

We're team that works together online and meet twice a month to catch up :). At the moment, all of us are located in Cebu, Philippines. We're a mix of introverts and extroverts. The only thing we have in common is we want to make the process of building membership site simple and beautiful.

our goal

Build great membership
sites solution

Our goal is to build great membership sites solutions that makes the setup process simple and beautiful. We create the solutions, so that you can focus on what you do best.

"I've experienced how complicated and ugly the process of building membership sites after building lots of different one. It was hard, without a proven system to follow. That's the main reason why I started this company, our goal is to make it simple and beautiful."
Danica Louwe
Founder of Creative Lab

we believe

You deserve to have a
Simple and Beautiful
Membership Site

We believe that there's a better solutions and process of building your membership site. We believe that it can be simple, not the complex. We believe that it can be beautiful.